MMORPG Etiquette – How to Play Nice Online

MMORPGs (also known as Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) have become immensely popular in recent years. What used to be a niche hobby has expanded into a mainstream pastime. If you plan to try one of the many MMORPGs available, learn the basics. I am not talking about general movement controls or how items work in the game. I am referring to those basic codes that should exist in all MMORPGs, no matter what genre it falls under or how many people play it. If you want to make friends and build bonds in your MMORPG, know how to play nice.

Conversationally Speaking: Basic MMORPG Interactions

The main draw to an MMORPG is the fact that you are playing with real people. So many different personalities are what make online games dynamic. This can also spell conflict when players do not know the proper ways to communicate.

Never type in all capital letters. Although this rule was instated long ago, when the first chat programs became popular, many people still have no idea it exists. When you speak entirely in caps, people think you are yelling. Unless you greet new acquaintances in real life by screaming in their face, it is recommended you not do it online, either.

Avoid rude or personally insulting comments when meeting new players. You have no idea who that person is or where they come from. In time, you may get to know them and know their personality and what is and is not OK to say around them. However, when communicating with strangers, remember that another human being is on the receiving end of what you say.

Proper MMORPG Grouping

Joining others to complete tasks can make levelling far easier in an MMORPG. Not to mention it provides the opportunity to meet new people and create bonds. If the experience is positive, your group mates will probably be willing to join you on adventures again. However, make sure you start off on the right foot.

Before inviting someone to a group, talk to them. One of the biggest pet peeves people have in MMORPGs is the blind invite. When applied to real life, how do you think a stranger would react if you pulled up beside them in your car and demanded they get in? My guess is the cops would be called and havoc would ensue.

Should someone refuse to group with you, do not take it personally. Calling them names or getting aggressive about it will do you no good. They wouldn’t group with you before and after you spam the word “noob” at them fifty times, they certainly won’t group with you ever. Just let it go. Who knows, they may see your maturity and change their mind about grouping. Besides, you never know when a situation will require you to work together later on.

Need Always Comes before Greed

Another aspect to grouping is the sharing of loot. When there are spoils to be had, think of the others who have assisted in obtaining the gear or items. Do not demand everything of value for yourself, even if you cannot wear or use it. You can always do another dungeon run or task later. Most MMORPGs have instated a need and greed rolling system. This allows people to either pass on things they do not want, or roll need if they need it or greed if they could use it but don’t need it. If you have any questions about who gets priority for various items, ask. It is often best to agree upon any looting rules before you begin so everyone is clear.

Some items sell well in MMORPGs. If an item like this drops, always let someone who can actually use the item take priority. This is exactly what the saying “need before greed” means.

Fun with Voice Chat

Ventrilo, TeamSpeak and other online voice chatting programs can make MMORPGs even more entertaining. They also provide a fast way to communicate in difficult situations, shaving valuable seconds off of response time for heals or assistance. When utilizing a voice chat program, avoid commandeering the conversation. Let others have the floor so everyone gets to participate.

When you join a session in progress, always say hello. Entering without speaking can make others uncomfortable. After all, you are the one who joined, so it is your responsibility to announce yourself rather than the responsibility of those already chatting to acknowledge you. After a friendly greeting, allow a pause to make sure you are not interrupting a conversation or event. Some groups can be very intense and require total concentration. Make sure you are not talking over vital group directions.

Starting Out is Hard to Do

Beginning a new MMORPG, especially one that has been active for a long time, can be frustrating. You must learn how to play and build up your character while other players have already achieved maximum level. Gaining levels can be fun however you will most likely not have much in the way of currency and items. This will come in time. Some people hate waiting and want it all now. Never beg or ask for currency or gear from strangers. If you have a friend who has been playing, they may help you out. Remember, everyone else started at level one just like you did. They worked hard to build up their characters and obtain in game wealth. They will have little sympathy for your cause. Part of the fun of MMORPGs is experiencing various storylines and content as you level up. Unless you would be willing to walk the streets in your neighbourhood, begging for money, do not do so in game.

MMORPGs can be lots of fun! Utilizing these basic rules can get you on the right path to build friendships and enjoy your game time even more. When you treat others respectfully and fairly, they will be more willing to help you later. Play nice and have fun!

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