TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta43 – Announcements – TeamSpeak

Beta 43 just got uploaded into the closed beta channel.

New in that version is that you can set an avatar for each status from our chat.
The location hasn’t changed. You still find it under the Settings -> Account -> next to your myTS name.

Let us explain how each status in combination with or withour avatar will behave


  • Does replace the old avatar mechanism from previous versions
  • Will be shown in chat, forum and on server (unless a server avatar is set)
  • If none has been set here, but in one of the other statuses, one of the other status avatar will be used instead.

Away , Do not Disturb and Offline

  • Will be shown in chat only
  • If none was set for the status but available has one then you see this instead


  • This avatar will be shown when you are offline or have status invisible

The Changelog

  • Allow setting individual avatars per status (online, away etc)
  • Fix crash on Linux when opening dialogs
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


  • File Dialogs may not work on some Linux distributions

Also known issues:

  • Events trigger “Error loading chat: Scrollback twice with same id!” when you open chats or scroll up
  • The menu where you set a status will not show the set avatar. There you will see a default icon

Notes for this thread

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TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta42 – Announcements – TeamSpeak

We released our next beta version for the closed beta channel.

This release does fix bugs that came up with the whisper feature.
Next version will get new things again :slight_smile:

* Slim-Mode adjustments
* Fix Quick Whisper hotkey being shown twice
* Various changes and fixes regarding whispering
* Various minor improvements and bugfixes

___ Notes___

  • Feedback for this release always welcome :smiley:
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TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta41.x – Announcements – TeamSpeak

Yesterday we did release beta 41 and today we release small hot fix (see below)

Beta 41

With the version we started to add the whisper feature back into the client. This release is the initial version for whispering and more functions will be added in one of our next updates.

* Update Chromium, which should fix the debug.log issue users sometimes faced
* Reply to Whisper
* Quick Whisper to selected clients / channels. See Settings -> Whisper for more details
* Whisper history widget
* Fix using wrong nickname when dropping from a server
* Fix issues with identity improvement
* Show when you were invited on room and contact invites
* Fix avatars in chat being cropped sometimes
* Add read indicator to files in detailed chat mode
* Minor improvements and bugfixes

There was no update on MacOs caused by technical issues.

Beta 41.1

And today we released 41.1 to fix the issue with the permission dialog and settings in Slim-Mode (WIP)
This update is available on all operation system again.

* Slim-Mode adjustments (more to come)
* Fix permissions not showing up

___ Notes___

  • Feedback for this release always welcome :smiley:
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TeamSpeak Development Status Update – Announcements

Fellow TeamSpeak users,

it’s been almost one year since we’ve launched the closed beta of the new TeamSpeak Client and we wanted to take this opportunity to review the past and share a glimpse into the future of TeamSpeak. We’ve been pretty quiet recently, but that doesn’t mean we have not been busy.

With TeamSpeak version 5, we’ve introduced an entirely new and streamlined user interface that is easy to navigate while still providing all the functionality you need. The design is cleaner, more efficient and fully responsive. Additionally, TeamSpeak is a secure global messaging platform now that empowers you to send private and group messages, share data and publish your current status for other people to see. All without being connected to a TeamSpeak Server.

We really appreciate the community support and involvement. Your input has always been an integral part of our decision-making process and we’ve received a lot of great feedback about the new TeamSpeak in the past months. We’ve realized that although the new version was good, it’s far from amazing and didn’t tick all the boxes that you – our most loyal fans – want it to. So we went back to the drawing board and spent the time necessary to refactor the parts of our tech that needed some additional love.

The biggest change we’ve made will affect our chat features… in fact it’s already affecting it. Based on your feedback, we went for a full revamp with major changes to our backend, contact lists, direct messages and group chats. Our new chat has been designed with your privacy and security in mind, which is why we’ll provide a federated real-time communication system where you can host your own services on your own infrastructure. This is what you expect from TeamSpeak.

Now, we’re almost ready to launch the next phase of our beta program and give you access to all of the cool things we’ve prepared in the last months. To prepare the launch, the existing messaging services have been retired and are no longer accessible.

As a side-effect, you’ll hear an annoying error sound when using the new TeamSpeak Client. Here’s how to get rid of this:

  • Open Settings
  • Navigate to Notifications
  • Scroll to the bottom and disable the Error sound

Overall, we are very proud of what we have achieved so far and are excited about the things to come. Hopefully, you are too. Stay tuned to our forums and social media channels as we’ll provide more status updates in the very near future. :slightly_smiling_face:


– The TeamSpeak Team


Server 3.13.0 [Beta] – Announcements

Hey guys,

We would like to announce that a beta version for upcoming server 3.13.0 is available.

There are a lot of changes and features in there, so we let the change log speak for itself this time.
We hope you like what we’ve included in this version.

Any feedback about this beta is welcome :+1:

## Server Release 3.13.0 TBD

### Important
- Support for 32-bit builds of FreeBSD has been dropped. 64-bit FreeBSD is still supported.
- The server_quickstart.txt file is now in Markdown format as It has also been significantly updated.

### Fixed
- Fixed slow startup after an SQLite schema migration
- Better handling of invalid base64 snapshots
- Fixed an issue with negative whisper power permission checks
- Fixed possible memory leak under certain obscure conditions
- Fixed query login groups being improperly cached in certain cases
- Invalid password attempts should respect SERVERINSTANCE_SERVERQUERY_BAN_TIME

### Added
- New support for PostgreSQL databases. Please read server_quickstart for more information.
- New support for MMDB style GeoIP databases (again, see server_quickstart!)
- Webquery supports access by server port : /byport/9987/clientinfo will send the command to the virtualserver at port 9987.
- Added warning for cases of UDP socket failure
- banclient can now accept multiple clientids
- banclient, clientmove and clientkick accept the -continueonerror parameter to ignore errors
- New optional parameter for clientlist '-location'
- Advanced users: Added a new command line argument `logquerytiminginterval` for diagnostic logging of ServerQuery timing.
- Advanced users: Added a new command line argument `querypoolsize` to allow you to specify the number of threads in the ServerQuery pool.

### Changed
- Note: query_ip_whitelist has been renamed to query_ip_allowlist, and query_ip_blacklist is now query_ip_denylist.
- Note: the old whitelist/blacklist names are still accepted.
- Webquery errors will return a HTTP 4xx series status code.
- Improved database performance for some query commands (notably serverlist)
- permget returns 'invalid perm id' error if permid is 0, or convert error if negative
- instanceedit no longer allows query groups for server template groups
- serveredit should correctly update client idle time
- Better validation of tokencustomsets when creating privilege keys
- Various permlist commands now include the relevant id (client, etc) in the output for your convenience
- MariaDB plugin should be a little more tolerant of broken connections
- We now print a warning if you specify an unknown command line option

Bugfixes in beta.2

  • Fixed the channel bugs where user could join the channel even when it was full and had no ignore max users OR when needed join power was higher then their own.
  • Fixed that user with ignore channel password still got asked for the password.
  • Fixed a crash in Server/Web Query.

Bug fixes and changes in beta.3

  • Fixed another crash in Server/Web Query.
  • Fixed wrong permission error when banning multiple clients in Server/Web Query and one user had b_client_ignore_bans set.
  • Changed: Query bans now respect setting from property serverinstance_serverquery_ban_time=
  • Updated change log and removed the confusing part about White/Blacklist and RAW query.
  • Help files in ‘serverquerydocs’ got updated and give now small descriptions for parameters.

Known issues for latest beta (to be fixed in next beta or stable release):

  • On Mac OS the server may not start. There is a workaround (which is to dirty to put that into public :wink:) but we recommend to use Docker till the stable server is available.

Here you can Download the latest beta :slight_smile:

Docker users can get the Beta with that command

docker build “” –build-arg TEAMSPEAK_CHECKSUM=0f43e59e80595aceedc5df8778847a637493a684c66dd76793ea5eee093ef277 –build-arg TEAMSPEAK_URL= –tag teamspeak:3.13.0-beta.3


TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta30 – Announcements – TeamSpeak

Long time no client beta announcement in forum :smiley:

We just did release a new update for the closed client beta.

Update 5.0.0-beta30
  • Fix online status when using the same account on multiple clients
  • Disable UI elements when you do not have relevant permissions
  • Fixed a bug that caused ts3image urls only working with lower case file names
  • Fixed an issue with file preview and uploads containing certain characters in the file or path name
  • Made chat input field more responsive
  • Fix Linux clipboard image upload
  • Add option to ignore users from user name context menu in room messages
  • Fixed potential UI crash
  • Add ability to close poke popup
  • Updated Chromium version
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes
Known issues
  • Drag and Drop of images into the client window is not currently supported
  • Pinned messages do not currently show parsed content (clickable links etc)

Any feedback about this release is welcome.


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