Scheduled maintenance

Good Morning everyone! :coffee:

There’s going to be a downtime for our global chat in about one hour from now.

During this, the chat will be unavailable. The estimated downtime is 30 minutes. We’ll update everyone once this is finished :slight_smile:

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Important Notice for Beta Testers – Announcements

Dear Beta Testers,

In preparation for the Open Beta, we will be resetting our chat services (which will affect rooms and contacts) on February 1st, 2022. On this date, every contact and room will be erased from the system. Please make sure to inform your community and friends about it.

Overall, we’re doing this because we are upgrading our infrastructure in preparation for a lot of new things that we will be unveiling over time.

We are going to make sure to update this post as time goes on in case there are changes or important information that needs to be updated.

See you on the other side! :wave: