TeamSpeak Free Server maintenance – Announcements


There will be a maintenance period on Wednesday the 26th February from 0700 – 1100 GMT. During this period, we will shut off all free servers for infrastructure upgrades, and we won’t accept requests for new servers. This is partly internal upgrades, and partly to deploy new services in preparation for the future.

Hopefully, after this time all the servers will be restored as they were. You don’t need to take any action, and, as usual, we’ll keep this thread updated with information!

Thanks for your patience!

Update Log
07:20 – preparation
07:50 – starting to bring services down, expect to be kicked shortly (sorry!)
08:30 – backups made, starting new rollout. this will be the tricky bit
09:00 – buzzing along, will spare you all the gory technical details…
10:00 – hit a bit of a firewall issue that’s stalled progress. will update with new ETA
10:30 – definitely won’t be 11am, rough guess is 1300.
11:00 – ok, the train is back on the tracks? has left the station? insert your own train analogy here
11:30 – we’re on the train :cactus: – progress much better now!
12:20 – struggling to relate this to trains. in the final stretch with luck (cross fingers)
12:30 – you may see servers flapping ; don’t be alarmed
13:30 – still not quite there. restores are slower than we’d like…
13:50 – MOSTLY but not completely back, stay tuned…
14:00 ish – done!

Sorry that took longer than expected, and thanks for holding on with us!

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