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Thanks for all the feedback. We discussed everything and I’m trying to answer anything that came up.

Custom icons/banner will be available for homebases.
So that hosting these happens on own homebase server.

Chats stay in third column.

Any idea what to make it better here?

More space may need more scrolling and searching afterwards. We would not like change that.
But maybe separator / line as suggested from @Destr0rso may help here.

This wasn’t expected but can happen during an Alpha.
Are you sure you must start from scratch or only update the parts we did change.

Yes for banner and icons.

The problem here is that others use the search more often and will need it somewhere. That’s why we did choose the burger menu to offer all available points in one menu.

We will try out if a separator makes it better. But we don’t like to remove the category icons.

Hiding such main element which is often used is not what we want. Sorry.

Tnx Forwarded to our devs.

Nothing has changed for that point.
You had to open the info page in b70 as well or else you had no buttons to manage the server.

Also context menu on server activity or above server tree still exists. So there is no must have to open the info dialog at all.

We thought above that but decided against such animation.
If Theme author likes if for his theme we are fine with that.

It was needed.

We can not reproduce this.

Which operation system are you using?
How many screens are connected (resolution etc)?

Can you check that a placement.json exists and is written on a change?
On Windows you find that file under %AppData%\TeamSpeak\Default

This wasn’t on purpose. Sorry.
We assume a change needed for the upcoming mobile TS Chat client did that. We trying to revert this.

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