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Hello everyone!

Beta version 60 is now available to test! This time we mostly worked on fixes and improvements which cover a few different topics.

Hopefully the changelog should explain the update well enough.

Here is the full Changelog with all changes and fixes

 Fixed certain settings flipping when opening the respective settings dialog
 Fixed alignment of connection status icon below the server tree
 Fixed time stamp in detailed chat being broken into two lines
 Fixed not being able to editing some channel properties 
 Fixed editing channel/server groups causing multiple empty entries
 Improved consistency of user/channel context menus in various places 
 ms- links are no longer considered links by the client
 Updated chromium

Notes for this thread

  • Feedback as per always is welcome in this thread :slight_smile:. Issues that are not related to this update belong to it’s own thread.
  • We suggest to place your wishes for upcoming releases in existing or new threads in the suggestion area instead of the release thread. We mention this because each update post will be closed after some days and the wish or suggestion could be lost.
  • We allow ourselves to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.

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