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Howdy and a Happy new year everyone. We hope you all had a good time :slight_smile:

We released a new beta client to our closed beta channel.
This is the list of new features and the bug fixes we did add for this version.

  • Support for deleting messages
  • Add option to automatically connect to bookmarked servers
  • Always show contacts with unread messages, regardless of status
  • Fix anti-flood ban being considered a permanent ban
  • Several adjustments to where and how animated avatars are displayed
  • Fix issue preventing creating bans of myTeamSpeak Ids
  • Change ban list to keep the pagination buttons in view
  • Fix outgoing poke showing up even though it failed to sent
  • Change default permissions of 1-to-1 chats (contacts), only applies to new contacts
  • Fix not displaying messages when joining a chat room
  • Fix editing a ban reducing the ban time
  • Add option to start the client when Windows starts
  • Update chromium version
  • Fix error sound played when reconnecting after server shutdown
  • Fix connection getting stuck when attempting to use hotkeys while connecting
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

That’s it for this version. More is to come :exclamation:

Constructive feedback is welcome :+1:

___ Note___
We allow ourself to delete all the off-topic posts from this thread.

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