TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.2 – Announcements

I made an account just to comment on this because it’s so outrageous.
Friends and I have been using TeamSpeak for way over a decade now, in this time we grew to a sizable community primarily relying on TS for voice comms. We are right now actively evaluating alternatives and will be migrating very soon. Permanently.
And I want this to be entirely clear, it’s not because of a simple bug but explicitly because of the frankly embarrassing and just pathetic response to it. Ignoring masses of bug reports, closing threads, downplaying and even denying the issue exists in the first place? That is beyond unacceptable.

We were worried when we heard of TS5, fearing it’s a knee jerk reaction to Discord taking ever more and more market share from TS. But after trying it ourselves and this debacle, in our eyes, it’s so much worse. The Beta is embarrassingly bad, lacking tons of features that for us always lifted TS3 above the alternatives, adding “features” nobody asked for or wanted, removing actual features and replacing them with a dumpster fire of an “update”, and all in all just shows that the TS team has no clue about what it was that held what little of their user base they still have. The world doesn’t need yet another Discord wannabe with bad audio, “modern” (web)design, a questionable at best support and dev team and yet here we are.

After the response by the official team to this bug TeamSpeak as a company and as a product is dead to me and my community and we won’t be coming back now or ever.

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