TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.1 – Announcements

To add onto the above, this post is to clarify a few issues on some of the changes made in the recent client update for TS3.

AGC (automatic gain control) has been moved from being implemented on voice capture, to being implemented on the receiving side instead. This is why the sound may appear different to you at first. The reason why we have changed this is to standardize all input so you have the best listening experience no matter what other people’s setups are like. So, if your friends have anything from entry level to top of the range microphones; if they have their microphone setup correctly or if they have it setup incorrectly, it doesn’t matter. With AGC on, the client is going to give you the perfect sound. One of the features of AGC is to in essence, cap the limit of people’s volume. So if someone comes into your server screaming and shouting the AGC will normalize their volume level, it works the same if people are whispering. Ultimately if anyone has an improper setup, AGC will fix this.

With it being moved from the capture side to the receiving side, AGC working does depend on all of you being on the same version. So to eliminate any potential compatibility issues we need you all to update your client to 3.5.1 and also ensure your server is to up date. If you do this AGC will work as intended.

In addition to the above changes, we have also updated algorithms for Echo Cancellation. We added a slider for the Noise Suppression levels and also added new Typing Suppression. Voice Activity Detection now has both Automatic and Hybrid modes. A quick note on the difference between Automatic and Hybrid modes: The Automatic setting uses an algorithm that detects pure voice; so any human voice–whether it’s loud or quiet–will be picked up and transmitted. The Hybrid mode works the same way as Automatic, but it has an applied threshold on top. That means your microphone will only trigger if the client detects a human voice AND the volume of it is over the threshold you set.

The aforementioned audio features are already built into the new TeamSpeak. So we have just added them into TS3 with this update to allow users of one platform the ability to flawlessly interact with users of the other.

All of the above were tested internally and by our beta testers and all work fine; aside from a few minor tweaks. But as with any update it’s entirely possible you may want to adjust some settings on an individual basis to get it just the way you like it. If anyone has any remaining issues or questions just let us know below or submit a ticket here: and we’ll take care of it as fast as we can.

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