Friends Can’t Join TeamSpeak 3 Server FIX (UPDATE)

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If everything in this video is not working for you, then please consider the following:
1. Disable your Antivirus (this does block some ports from connecting to yours)
2. Disable Malwarebytes (this does block ports from connecting to yours, THIS IS KNOWN FOR BLOCKING PORTS SO DISABLE IT OR QUIT OUT OF THE PROGRAM COMPLETELY)
3. Use OpenPortChecker online to test if your ports are open correctly
4. Try to uninstall Skype (This is known for portfowarding issues *somtimes*)
5. If everything else fails then call your ISP and ask if they can open the ports manually.

Sorry for not uploading for quite some time but today I’ve made a guide on how to fix all your connecting issues for your own Teamspeak 3 server. If you guys have any other issues, make sure to leave a comment so I can address them. Thanks again for watching!

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Friends Can’t Join Teamspeak 3 Server FIX
Friends Can’t Join Teamspeak 3 Server FIX
Friends Can’t Join Teamspeak 3 Server FIX
Friends Can’t Join Teamspeak 3 Server FIX



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