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Some people have asked for a response in reference to the removal of SYOX from the forum. So I thought I’d add our official response on the matter:

We do take contributions to the forums very seriously and we value any and all feedback, however his posts were becoming less constructive towards the company and are now of a personal nature. Additionally, on more than one occasion he has given out personal information that is confidential concerning staff members without their express permission.

We value the privacy of our users and staff members. For the safety of our employees we cannot allow someone who signed an NDA with ourselves to continue to act in such a way, including the singling out or isolation of specific staff members.


To clear up any questions anyone may have, I thought I’d link the FAQ and forum etiquette section for you guys to read once more: as well as highlight a couple of points:

Additionally, I will not stop any discussion regarding TeamSpeak provided you abide by and adhere to the aforementioned rules. This entire forum was created with the very intention of having open discussions with you all, and gaining all of your feedback on all things TeamSpeak. I want to hear what you have to say. If you like or dislike, if you agree or disagree, with anything we do, anything we add, any idea we have, then this is the place to tell us.

On top of that, if you have ideas of your own, features you’d love to see, changes you want us to implement, then this is the place to tell us. I don’t want the drama, personal insults or arguments though. I hope you all understand.

So again; play nice and maybe you’ll get the Roadmap tomorrow :wink:

As always, if you’re unsure of anything, just ask.

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