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Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well?

We are now able to let more people join the closed TeamSpeak beta!

How will it work? I have created a questions and answers section below to highlight how this will work and what you need to do to gain access to the closed beta itself.

When will we gain access to the closed beta?

Similar to before, this will be a staggered roll out. This means that we will be allowing X amount of people to join at a time so we are able to check and make sure that everything is working as it should as we increase the population in the closed beta itself. Once we get the ok, we will let more people in. (Each time this happens, I will mention this in a reply to this post, so you know when to check for your access).

How do we access the closed beta?

If you registered for the original closed beta access but haven’t redeemed your closed beta access badge codes, or you have never received the email for closed beta access – The codes that were sent out to everyone have now expired and are non-replaceable. You will need to register on to join the current registrations if you want to join the closed beta. (The final codes for the original beta signups were sent out in January 2020 and these codes expired in the summer of 2020).

If you registered for beta access in the current registrations – When we get the ok to allow more people in, your beta access will be assigned to your myTS account without having to take any actions (so we are no longer sending emails to everyone with the codes to redeem). This means once you have access to the closed beta, you can then go to, login and you should be redirected to the downloader, so you begin testing the new client.

If you have not registered to join the beta at any point – You can sign up to join the closed beta on Please note you will need a myTS account to receive access to the beta. You can sign up for a myTS account here: so you are able to receive access to the closed beta.

How can I check if I have access to the closed beta or not?

You can either:

  1. Check this on and review your badges after you login.
  2. If you’re on TS3: Tools -> Options -> myTeamSpeak -> Configure Badges -> This should show you every badge that you have.
  3. You can also login to itself, login and if you are taken to the downloader screen, then you have been given closed beta access.

For points 1 and 2, the badge you are looking out for is this: Capture

For point 3, the downloader screen once you login on should look like this:

How long will this process take?

This all depends on how well the staggered access goes and providing we don’t bump into any issues along the way with the population increase, however to be as fair as possible, we will be granting access in date order (so the users who have waited the longest on the current beta registrations, will gain access first and so on).

This will be a continuous process overall as we will be leaving beta registrations open for more people to join the closed beta, however it could be a while for fresh registrants to receive their access based on the previous point. All we can ask is for your patience in this respect, but everyone will gain access to the closed beta eventually.

I signed up for the current beta registrations, however I have already redeemed a closed beta access key leading up to this point on my myTS account. Will I still receive a second access?

On social DM’s etc., I was under the assumption that we were still going to be sending out closed beta keys to people via email so I did say prior that we would probably still send you a code, even though you already have access (thinking you could give this to a friend etc.), however as we are now assigning codes to accounts directly, this is no longer required and as everyone individually can sign up to join the closed beta, there isn’t really a need for beta badge codes now so duplications will be removed from the registration list, meaning you wouldn’t get a second code. Just thought I would reiterate this here as previous information I shared is now out of date.

I have found a bug/have an idea for the new TeamSpeak client. How can I share this?

My best suggestion would be to leave your feedback on We have several areas here which makes it easier for the team to locate current or new issues, or indeed share ideas about the future of the client. My top tip however would be to use the search function in the forums to see if this has already been reported or raised before. If you find a matching forum post, you can then add to this specific topic with your own experience/thoughts. When we release a new update for the closed beta, it might be better in some cases to report your findings under those specific posts. Example: TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta38

I’ve changed my myTS account’s email address after I registered for the closed beta. Will I still gain access to the beta?

We will attempt to locate your account so we can apply the beta badge to your account still, will just require a little bit of detective work on our side.

Can you share what position I am in the beta registration queue? Are you able to share how many invites are sent out per wave?

No we can’t, but we can guarantee that everyone who has signed up for the closed beta registration will 100% receive access and this will be in date order as mentioned above.

Something to point out – If we were to reply to every single DM, forum post, support ticket, or message in general relating to this topic, it takes us away from other important tasks that requires attention across the business as a whole. (Don’t take this statement the wrong way, we absolutely love to talk to people, however we are a small team so we need to focus our energies in the right places). This is why I’ve covered this in great detail on this forum post and to ensure you all know what is going on.

I’m in the beta, is there any groups I can join?

On joining the beta, if you have any questions or issues, you can join our new TeamSpeak 5 Beta Room right now.

Copy and paste into the search bar:

Beta Test Germany:
Beta Test English:

When I register on, it mentions that “I’m on the waiting list” and I should expect an email, however from what you have said above, we won’t receive an email? I’m a bit confused.

This has been reported to the team who can change this as it is misleading. The information above this topic is accurate. (We used to send out emails to the beta testers with the closed beta keys, however now we add the codes directly to myTS accounts).

Hope this helps and looking forward to seeing you on the new client!

Stay safe everyone

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