TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.0 – Announcements

We just released a new bigger TS3 client update.

A lot has changed and a lot has been fixed and added into this version.

  • You can now connect to the free servers (generated in TS5 client)
  • Automatic voice volume leveling (AGC) is no longer a recording setting. We moved that feature into Playback.
    Clients with older version may not hear you as loud as before. Please tell them to update their client.
  • This versions adds a new settings for capture when using VAD.
    When updating old capture profiles the client will select Volume Gate.
    Automatic is selected for users without old config or when a new profile was created.
  • Multi track recording has been improved and a crash got fixed here
  • The Plugin API ws raised to 24 but client still will be able to use plugins that are build on version 23
  • A whisper bug where whispering user moved into unsubscribed channel (it’s not in the change log sorry)

More changes below :smiley:

=== Client Release 3.5.0 - 19 Mar 2020
! Updated Plugin API version to 24.
+ Added new voice activity detection modes (Automatic, Volume Gate, Hybrid).
+ Added automatic voice volume leveling option in playback settings.
+ Added typing attenuation feature to try to reduce the sounds made by typing.
+ Added comfort noise feature to add synthetic background noise to fill the 
  artificial silence while being connected to a TeamSpeak Server.
+ Added optional -connect commandline parameter to specify an address for 
  auto-connecting on startup (example: Some
  additional parameters can be used to provide more details (-pw, -nickname, 
  -channel, -channelid, -channelpw, -newtab, -mytsid, -showqueryclients, 
  -capture, -playback, -hotkeys).
+ Added support for upcoming TeamSpeak Server releases using a PostgreSQL
  database backend.
+ Added hotkeys to assign, revoke or toggle specific server groups based on 
  current group memberships (e.g. mute clients in a specific raid group).
+ Added volume toolbox widget for quick access to microphone volume gate,
  overall and individual client volume levels.
+ Added convenience variables and options to infoframe templates.
+ Added active badge showcase to client infoframe templates.
+ Added design option to show/hide client badges in server tree.
+ Added server/channel group icons to client context menus.
* Moved server/channel group IDs to tooltips in permission settings.
* Improved client context menu to filter inaccessible groups and permission
  related tools.
* Improved echo cancellation and noise reduction systems.
* Improved error handing for multi-track recording.
* Infoframe templates now support "??" modifier for variables to prevent their
  value from being shown so they can be used conditionally to determine whether
  or not a specific line should be hidden (e.g. %%??CLIENT_FLAG_AWAY%%).
* Remote icon list is now sorted by upload date/time rather than icon ID.
* Qt color roles can now be customized in themes (e.g. for hyperlinks).
- Removed AGC from audio capture settings in favour of playback AGC.
- Fixed a bug where mutli-track recordings could cause a crash when clients
  join or leave your channel.
- Fixed a bug where multi-track recordings were not saved on server shutdown.
- Fixed a bug where custom displaynames for clients were shown in infoframe
  even when it was equal to the nickname of the client in view.
- Fixed a bug where default capture/playback profiles could not be switched.
- Fixed a bug where deactivated plugins were loaded when launching the client.
- Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps.

You can download the update in the client by clicking on Help -> Check for updates.
The installer on our website and service page will be updated within next 24 hours.


TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta24 – Announcements – TeamSpeak

There are, or should I say, were three ways:
Sign in to beta (Unavailable).
Get a code from someone who got Beta codes and is willing to share one (Don’t buy them! Why you should pay when someone have these for free).
Follow TeamSpeak on facebook and twitter and count on your luck (Codes are one-time use so you need to be fast!).

Additionally, if you signed for beta and haven’t received your codes, you should contact Support.


TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.1 – Announcements

To add onto the above, this post is to clarify a few issues on some of the changes made in the recent client update for TS3.

AGC (automatic gain control) has been moved from being implemented on voice capture, to being implemented on the receiving side instead. This is why the sound may appear different to you at first. The reason why we have changed this is to standardize all input so you have the best listening experience no matter what other people’s setups are like. So, if your friends have anything from entry level to top of the range microphones; if they have their microphone setup correctly or if they have it setup incorrectly, it doesn’t matter. With AGC on, the client is going to give you the perfect sound. One of the features of AGC is to in essence, cap the limit of people’s volume. So if someone comes into your server screaming and shouting the AGC will normalize their volume level, it works the same if people are whispering. Ultimately if anyone has an improper setup, AGC will fix this.

With it being moved from the capture side to the receiving side, AGC working does depend on all of you being on the same version. So to eliminate any potential compatibility issues we need you all to update your client to 3.5.1 and also ensure your server is to up date. If you do this AGC will work as intended.

In addition to the above changes, we have also updated algorithms for Echo Cancellation. We added a slider for the Noise Suppression levels and also added new Typing Suppression. Voice Activity Detection now has both Automatic and Hybrid modes. A quick note on the difference between Automatic and Hybrid modes: The Automatic setting uses an algorithm that detects pure voice; so any human voice–whether it’s loud or quiet–will be picked up and transmitted. The Hybrid mode works the same way as Automatic, but it has an applied threshold on top. That means your microphone will only trigger if the client detects a human voice AND the volume of it is over the threshold you set.

The aforementioned audio features are already built into the new TeamSpeak. So we have just added them into TS3 with this update to allow users of one platform the ability to flawlessly interact with users of the other.

All of the above were tested internally and by our beta testers and all work fine; aside from a few minor tweaks. But as with any update it’s entirely possible you may want to adjust some settings on an individual basis to get it just the way you like it. If anyone has any remaining issues or questions just let us know below or submit a ticket here: and we’ll take care of it as fast as we can.

Many thanks



TeamSpeak Server 3.12.1 – Announcements

Today we released a new server build.
That one just fixes an minor issue for the TeamSpeak Beta client.


  • Fixed bug related with new TS5 Client Permission Manager

Here you can download the server.

In our 3.12.x Release thread you can leave your feedback or report any problem with that version.


TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.2 – Announcements

I made an account just to comment on this because it’s so outrageous.
Friends and I have been using TeamSpeak for way over a decade now, in this time we grew to a sizable community primarily relying on TS for voice comms. We are right now actively evaluating alternatives and will be migrating very soon. Permanently.
And I want this to be entirely clear, it’s not because of a simple bug but explicitly because of the frankly embarrassing and just pathetic response to it. Ignoring masses of bug reports, closing threads, downplaying and even denying the issue exists in the first place? That is beyond unacceptable.

We were worried when we heard of TS5, fearing it’s a knee jerk reaction to Discord taking ever more and more market share from TS. But after trying it ourselves and this debacle, in our eyes, it’s so much worse. The Beta is embarrassingly bad, lacking tons of features that for us always lifted TS3 above the alternatives, adding “features” nobody asked for or wanted, removing actual features and replacing them with a dumpster fire of an “update”, and all in all just shows that the TS team has no clue about what it was that held what little of their user base they still have. The world doesn’t need yet another Discord wannabe with bad audio, “modern” (web)design, a questionable at best support and dev team and yet here we are.

After the response by the official team to this bug TeamSpeak as a company and as a product is dead to me and my community and we won’t be coming back now or ever.


TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta25

Hey folks,

we are happy to announce that we just pushed out our next update.

This is the first version adding permission management which allow you to manage your server and channel groups as you know it from TS3. This is just the start and more will come in later releases.

We decreased the memory usage of your active chats.
You can now scale your whole client interface.

Here you can read the full changelog

Update 5.0.0-beta.25
  • First release of permission editing, currently for server and channel groups
  • Even more permission management will come in a later release
  • Better handling of suspend/hibernate and loss of network connectivity for chat
  • New appearance option to change the UI scale – choose from small, medium or large
  • Improvements to rich text editing, especially code blocks and spoiler tags
  • Fix for connection info widget breaking after reconnect/timeout
  • Server tree view should handle incorrect channel banner URLs better
  • Improvements to chat scrolling under certain conditions
  • Reduce chat memory usage slightly
  • Lots of improvements to rich text editing, code blocks and spoiler tags
  • Report issue now goes to a web form rather than an email client
  • Tweaked the background hexes for a nicer appearance and better performance
  • Connected servers will now also display the port in the info pane
  • Fix for setting 0 slots in a channel also setting unlimited flag

Important Note for the free server you could create in the client:

On these servers you are not allowed to change any permissions or groups.
It’s intended that you get errors when you try.

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TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.3 [Beta] – Announcements

Today we released a preview for upcoming version 3.5.3.

This version will fix reported client freezes, crashes and one BUG where AGC was reset for talking users…

Here is the full change log:

=== Client Release 3.5.3 - 07 May 2020
- Fixed a client freeze
- Fixed an issue that could reset a talking client's AGC state
- Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps

To enable beta updates, simply go to Tools -> Options -> Application and select “Beta” from the update channel drop down.
Once done you can check for updates using Help -> Check for Updates to receive the update.


TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.3 – Announcements

Today we released the stable version 3.5.3.

This version will fix reported client freezes, crashes and one BUG where AGC was reset for talking users.

Here is the full change log:

=== Client Release 3.5.3 - 07 May 2020
- Fixed a client freeze
- Fixed an issue that could reset a talking client's AGC state
- Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps

Change log shows 07 May because we delayed this version some days. Please do not report this as a bug ;D